About us


The company was established in 1995 as a fully-fledged pharmaceutical entity with its prime objective to register and market niche pharmaceuticals, complementary products and associated medical devices in South Africa and surrounding English speaking countries. Since March 2011 Medi Challenge (Pty) Ltd South Africa became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Besins Healthcare. To this end sole distribution and marketing partnerships have been secured with:

* Laboratoires Fumouze France: STERIMAR range of seawater nasal sprays.

* Laboratoires Exelgyn France: MIFEGYNE for MToP

* IQ Medical Ventures: Netherlands: ExEm Foam Kit (HyFoSy)

Committed to women’s health

Transforming healthcare for over a century Medi Challenge is a subsidiary of Besins Healthcare, a global leader dedicated to leading the healthcare industry in a variety of specialized products and areas of expertise. Founded in 1885 as Laboratoires Besins, Besins Healthcare has been at the forefront of the industry, with a legacy of four generations of the Besins family at the helm.

Besins Healthcare has established a solid reputation in producing innovative drugs for the treatment of androgen deficiency, gynecologic, fertility, and obstetric conditions. Besins Healthcare is headquartered in Monaco.


To be specialists providing treatment solutions for Obstetricians, Gynaecologists, Endocrinologists, Urologists, GP’s and their patients with unwavering passion for excellence. 


Our mission is to establish ourselves at the forefront of women’s & men’s healthcare needs, providing specialised products and healthcare solutions to all our partners. We strive to create long-lasting partnerships with our customers and business associates based on trust, innovation, results and quality excellence.

As part of a global company, we are dedicated to ensuring that we lead the healthcare industry in a variety of specialised products and areas of expertise. We are committed to improving women’s health through breakthroughs in gynaecology, fertility and obstetric medicine. We also continue to drive innovation in several areas in men’s health and complementary medicines.